A better search process:
Tenacious &

Never before has there been more active pollination of C-suite leaders across such diverse consumer-focused industries, including health and wellness services, consumer packaged goods, apparel, modern retail, and hospitality. Today the fight for profitable business growth is correlated with attracting the right leadership talent. 

We Are Transparent:

  • We've taken the black box out of search and engineered our process for faster alignment and less wasted effort - our process focuses you on the best candidates much earlier in a search.

  • We leverage technology that allows us to work with you as a coordinated team throughout a search.

We Are Tenacious:

  • We're a small and mighty company with a very clear purpose: to focus all our energy on quickly identifying, presenting, and securing the most qualified, culturally-aligned leaders for your company. The partners are the people you hire, and we are the ones doing the work. When you hire Breitlane you know exactly who is telling your story and selling your vision.

  • We are the same people who comprehensively assess your candidates (we employ a proprietary assessment system, which incorporates many of the tenets of GhSmart)...and we're the same people who speak to candidate references. We use this process because it works. It yields the highest quality selection of candidates, and it helps you win the candidate you want

We Are Tight:

  • We manage your time efficiently, and provide the tools (candidate scorecards, pre-interview prep notes, status charts, and pipeline snapshots) so you have all the relevant info you need to make the right hiring decision.

  • You’ll always know which candidates are top priorities and where they stand in the interview process.

While our commitment and focus on delivering an unusually high touch search process may not sound very profound, we assure you it is. We can do this because we cap the number of searches we work on. 

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We are not a one-note firm – we work across specific consumer portfolio companies of our private equity clients and provide them the greatest reach across a wide pool of consumer-focused leaders. The three things our candidates have in common are

  1. Experience creating and harnessing the power of a compelling brand 

  2. The innate focus to drive enterprise value, and

  3. The IQ and EQ to lead through constant change.