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We help Private Equity-Backed Health & Wellness Companies hire leaders who have a track record of improving operations, expanding reach, minimizing pricing exposure, and identifying opportunities that support healthy living. 

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Recent CEO/COO/President Searches 

  • CEO for $1B acute care company

  • CEO for $800M radiology company

  • Practice CEO for $800M radiology company

  • CEO for $400M fertility company

  • CEO for $400M fitness franchise 

  • CEO for $225M urology company

  • CEO for $200M medispa clinic

  • CEO for $125M IDD behavioral healthcare provider 

  • CEO for $100M vein treatment company 

  • CEO for start-up restaurant and sports activity company

  • CEO for $20M for nutrition supplements

  • COO for $400M fertility company

  • COO for $250M vision company

  • COO for $100M vision company

  • COO for $50M fitness franchise 

  • COO for $20M vision company 

  • President, Northeast for $400M practice management company

  • President, West for $400M practice management company

  • President, Southeast for $400M practice management company

  • President, Midwest for $400M practice management company

  • President, West for $2B MBHO

  • President, Northeast for $2B MBHO

  • Chief Integration Officer for $800M radiology company

  • Head of Operations for divisional egg preservation company

  • Chief Development Officer for $225M urology company

  • SVP Operations for $225M urology company

  • SVP Enterprise Transformation for $225M urology company

  • VP Integration for $800m radiology company


Recent CFO Searches 

  • CFO for $2B MBHO

  • CFO for $400M fertility company

  • CFO for $225M urology company

  • CFO for $100M vein clinics company 

  • CFO for $50M fitness franchise 

  • CFO for $60M eating disorder company 


Recent CMO Searches 

  • CMO for $800M pet wellness practice management company

  • CMO for $400M practice management company

  • CMO for $400M fertility company

  • CMO for a divisional egg preservation company

  • CMO for $50M fitness company

  • Head of Marketing Analytics and Strategy for $500M healthy skin/beauty company

  • CMO for $30M for pet nutrition company

  • CMO for $40M for nutrition/food company

Recent HR/General Counsel Searches 

  • Chief HR Officer for $400M practice management company

  • VP, HR for $200M fitness company

  • General Counsel for $400M practice management company

  • General Counsel for $500M business services company


  • Healthy Living & Wellness Services

  • Physician Practice Management

  • Behavioral Health Organizations

  • Diversity Hires

  • Pre-Deal Confidential Hires

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Key Roles

  • CEO / COO / President

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

  • Other Direct Reports to the CEO

  • Diversity Hires (C-Level and Board)